Grandad and the time machine

(The Sequel to Grandad and the Magic Glasses)

In volume two Grandad and the Time Machine, Grandad, Ryan and Mikey solve several strange clues and use some magical objects to transform their secret shed into something unbelievable, but not a word of this to Grandma.............!


Steam Train

It had been a long, cold winter, you know the sort; dull, grey and dreary. But on this particular February morning there was a thin Sun trying to peep through the mist. It was almost a year ago when Grandad had discovered the magic glasses in the secret shed at the bottom of his long garden. He remembered the first time that he put them on and saw the World as a child again, what fun that had been.

He also remembered the amazing finds during that year; there was the mysterious perpetual motion machine, the unusual time camera, the intelligent suit, the thinking gloves and that strange magical helmet. He would never forget the day when his grandsons Ryan and Mikey helped him to use all of the finds to turn the secret shed into a pirate ship and then to travel in time.


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