A year at the yard

...Straight from the horse's mouth

Priti and Snowdrop are best friends. They live with other ponies and horses as well as Marmalade the cat and a bird called Robin, on a wonderful stable yard, deep in the English Countryside.

The animals have many lovely outings and some surprising adventures. Priti has the extraordinary gift of being able to read people's minds, which makes life even more interesting.


Lofty’s Day

Once upon a time in the middle of the peaceful countryside in Norfolk there was an idyllic livery yard. It was part of a big country estate and had once been a stud for breeding Arab horses. The buildings were brick and flint with red-tiled roofs, making them warm and cosy in the winter and cool and sheltered in the summer. There were lots of big stables and plenty of riding tracks and bridleways all over the estate. This really was horse heaven.

The livery yard had a collection of the most wonderful and magical horses and ponies you have ever seen, or could ever imagine. Let me tell you all about them and their owners.

Published in hardback by Forelock Books at £9.99



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