Spotty Herbert and the Policeman's Ball

Volume One 198 Pages

Throughout his hilarious escapades Herbert is trying to come to terms with his obsession for a girl who he sees as a sex goddess, the one and only Chesty Mullens. To give him the courage to grope her, he makes some of departed Grandad Bert’s Falling Down Brew, which has a very explosive after effect!

The local Police organise a Christmas Ball but there is a major mix up with the invitations, so does Spotty Herbert end up fondling his dream girl? If not then what does he end up holding?



“Oh my God her tits have fallen off. What, what, who said that?”

Herbert Snodgrass woke up in a cold sweat. Was it a dream? Was it a nightmare? That never really happened, did it? Or even worse, is it ever going to happen? He opened one eye; he yawned and scratched his bum through his striped pyjamas. He turned over in bed and a thought slowly filtered into his empty brain. What day was it, school day or weekend? The question hung there like a damp cloud on a foggy morning, waiting for an answer. Err weekend, I think. What do I have to do today? The thought cloud drifted a bit. Oh yes Granny Tilda’s Birthday. Have I bought her a present yet? Don’t think so or I would have remembered, or would I?

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