Grandad and the magic glasses

(Humorous adventure for children 6-12).

Grandad and the Magic Glasses: follows the hilarious adventures of Grandad and his grandsons Ryan and Mikey. In this book Grandad finds some magic glasses which let allow him to see the world as a child again. That's when the trouble starts............!


The Magic Glasses

Boing....... Boing....... Boing......!

“Henry what’s that noise?”

Grandad was woken-up suddenly, he was chuckling to himself: what a strange dream! Grandma had been dressed as a Witch: she was at a lake near a castle... suddenly a monster rose out of the water and Grandma flew straight towards it and poked it with her broomstick.

“What noise dear?”
“That boinging noise.”
“Oh it sounds like Spring has sprung at last.”

He turned around in bed to see Grandma standing there poking him with the cobweb brush.

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