Grandad and the search for Robin

(The Third of the Trilogy)

Throughout their adventures Grandad, Ryan and Mikey find several references to Robin. In Grandad and the Search for Robin their travels lead them to solve the greatest mystery of all............!



It was that special time that every child looks forward to, after a long school year; finally it was the last weekend in June! Both Ryan and Mikey were down early for breakfast, they were both excited and ready to find out more about Robin. Grandma had just put the toast on the table when the phone started to ring.

“That will be for you dear, it’s Lady Baggins calling.”

“How do you know that Henry, you are not allowed to answer the phone!”

“No dear but I can tell when it’s her by the ringing, it’s a very upper-class ring.”

“Don’t be ridiculous Henry.”

“Yes dear, I mean no dear.” “Hello, oh good morning Lady Baggins, how very nice of you to call me, oh no, oh no, that’s terrible, yakety, yak, yakety, yak.......”

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