My father left a small case which contained letters, documents and photographs which have formed the basis for this book. Norfolk Secrets.


Early Years

Dear ... (the name was not legible),

You know I’ve bin going out with his gal Daisy for a long time now, and I recon thas why I don’t get invited round to his cottage for tea. My mother said he wanna put some pepper on em afore he eat em, then he won’t get wind, and thas the same for sprouts, she say. The gal Daisy did tell that arter a grit plate full of artichokes Eli blew his ole mawther right outa bed. (Blew his wife right out of bed). She landed ontopa the cat, and I have to admit she’s a slumikin grit mawther (a very large lady) to be flying around the bedroom like that. Any-road-up that cat hint bin right since. They do say down at the Dog and Pickle, they say; Eli’s ole mawther, she’s a proper winter woman.



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