This has to be the funniest book ever written. It is so funny that the editor actually wet herself several times before she could get to the end. She laughed so much when Jane got stuck to the toilet seat that she had to read that chapter over and over again. This happened so many times that the publisher wrote a laundry allowance clause into the publishing contract. Absolutely brilliant, I can’t wait for the sequel.


The Woman Next-Door

At first I heard the rattle of the little engine. That was before I saw her and it emerging from the cloud of thick blue smoke which filled her garage. I had to tell my wife.

“Jane, I see she’s got rid of that old motorbike and side-car at last.”
“It’s about time, I always thought it was dangerous to have a wooden kitchen chair lashed to the sidecar frame.”
“Yes well let’s be fair she did have what looked like a big paving slab to weigh the wheel down.”
“I shall be glad to see the back of it. What has she got now?”
“I think it’s called a tuk-tuk.”
“Oh right, they are quite popular in the Third World.”
“Really, well that’s the first one I have seen in this street.”
“What colour is it?”
“Sickly pink.”
“Yes very stylish.”
“Same shade as her hair?”

It’s quite unusual to be living next-door to someone who worships Donald Duck down at the local pond and has a rare collection of greetings cards, which comprises of a card for every known Saint’s day, including a Happy Saint Agapit’s Day. Mind you this is only hear-say, we have never been past her heavily bolted front door, so we haven’t seen them.



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