Colkirk Boy took my father and Grandfather through the difficulties of two World Wars into a more settled period. This is where Fakenham Boy picks up the story.

This book is a collection of my memories experiences and stories from growing up in Fakenham, through the time when I lived and worked abroad to my return to my roots.


Early Years

It was the day of the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. The steel framed windows were open and the sweet smells of summer wafted in on the light breeze. A distant Skylark soared on the sultry air and announced his joy to the world. The pungent scent of honeysuckle drifted in and mingled with the strong smell of Carbolic and Milton. Bees buzzed around open flowers and Blackbirds serenaded the idyllic country setting. But the tranquillity didn’t last for very long, another patient had gone into labour.

He was born in mid-summer 1946 just after the longest day of a welcome period of peace, after that awful war had ended. His mother told him many years later if we hadn’t won he wouldn’t have been born at all.



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