Colkirk Boy is Ken's first serious novel. Set in rural Norfolk it is based on the lives, times and experiences of his father and grandfather.


Colkirk Dawn

On that bitterly cold February morning in 1890 there was a big steely blue Norfolk sky. Statues of bare Oak branches, etched intricate patterns against the icy glow of a rising sun. It was so clear that they could see all the way from Colkirk to Heaven.

At precisely half-past eight Charles Daniel Lake came into the world. He was the fourth child of Susan and Robert. Their families had lived in the same village and worked the same land for longer than anyone could remember. Robert was a horseman at the big house, so that morning just like every other morning it was work as usual for him. He was up and gone by six o'clock, the horses couldn't wait. They had to be fed and watered, then harnessed and ready for a long days work...



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