A collection of adult humour in a short story format

Flying Pigs, Is a collection of adult humour presented as short stories for tall people and tall stories for short people.


Lunar Lunacy

"Neil come in please." peep. "Neil where the hell are you, come in please." peep. "I think we have lost Neil, over." peep. "Calm down commander, I am in the little boy's room taking a pee. peep. It's not easy in this space suit." peep.

It was a vista of total tranquillity which touched the very soul. An endless landscape of utter peace with a backdrop of Mother Earth. This barren place looked awesome and forbidding, with dust and rock everywhere. "Alright Neil, the light is perfect the cameras are set at half speed, you can climb out now." peep. He searched the barren landscape for signs of life. Nothing moved, nothing stirred. It was a sterile place, where the vastness of the Universe hung like a timeless mantle.



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