Spotty Herbert and the Custard Wars

Volume Two 164 Pages

The story continues, Herbert still has strange dreams and trifle starts to become very important in his life. He is still infatuated by Chest Mullens chest and works out a way to depose his major rival Stonker Brown. Grandad Bert emerges from a hideaway in Brighton to reveal an amazing secret, then Herbert and Gran win a trip to France which reveals more questions than answers. But what happens there inspires Herbert to investigate an issue of major criminal intrigue which could easily change the world. Herbert formulates a plan and with the help of Hells Grannys defeats an international criminal gang and saves the world.


The Week After

There was an awful thumping inside his head, or was someone banging on the front door? No, it was inside his head. His mouth felt like the bottom of a budgie’s cage; he was having problems focusing his eyes. Herbert Snodgrass had the worst case of the never agains known to Man. The Policeman’s Ball had been the worst experience of his life and all of his nightmares had come true at the same time, would he ever be able to look Chesty Mullens directly in the bust again? He stumbled down the stairs and into the cold kitchen.

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